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Teaching Jobs In Staffordshire | Academic Year 18/19

With the academic year fast approach the end, we wanted to update our website with a new page which highlights and share more news about the latest teachings jobs in Staffordshire along with the key locations where we are looking to strengthen our supply team.

Supply Teaching Jobs In Stafford

Every year we lose amazing supply teachers to new and exciting full-time positions in September, so with this considered we’re looking for teachers to join our excellent supply team. We will be recruiting for all year groups from Early Years to Key Stage 2 and based on this year, we are anticipating a minimum of 3-4 days supply cover in Stafford for excellent teachers.

It’s hard to give details about the Schools we’re recruiting for in Stafford but they’re all completely different and unique however we do have a requirement about the staff we employ.

We are looking for passionate teachers who:

  • Has the ability and determination to inspire and motivate children.
  • Adaptable and calm under pressure.
  • Warm and happy with a sense of humour

If you are interested or would like more information, call Marie & James on 01773 711844

Supply Teaching Jobs In Tamworth

We have a limited number of what we would call excellent teachers in the Tamworth area. So to help cater to the demand of teaching jobs in Tamworth, we are looking for great teachers to join our excellent team. Tamworth has become a key focus for us, so we have created a new page with all the details on. Just click the link below.

Teaching Jobs In Tamworth 

Supply Teaching Jobs In Burton & Uttoxeter

Our reputation for supplying the best teachers in Cannock and Stafford has spilled over into Burton & Uttoxeter, so we decided to create a new page with the details for the teaching jobs in Burton & Uttoxeter, just click the link below.

Teaching Jobs In Burton & Uttoxeter 

Contact Details

Marie & James

e: Marie@staffssupplyteachers.co.uk

e: James@staffssupplyteachers.co.uk

h: 01889 597 431

*Updated 19th June 2018