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Staffordshire Supply Teachers

Staffordshire Supply Teachers is a local based supply agency specialising in Primary Education. With extensive experience working with primary schools we can assist you with your supply requirements with a personal and honest approach. With an excellent standard of service, we can grow our business through word of mouth rather than excessive marketing. These are the reasons why schools choose to work with us:

Bespoke personal service

As we are a local supply agency, we are in a position to offer a bespoke supply service to our schools. We appreciate that not all schools are the same and therefore take the time to get to know your school before we can make the best decisions when assisting you with your supply needs. With our tailored approach we can ensure that you receive the best possible service.

Here for you anytime

We know that the work of a head teacher or bursar is not necessarily an 8 to 5 job, and therefore we offer schools the opportunity to contact us anytime. We give all schools a mobile number that they can call, not matter what time or day of the week is it. Therefore if someone calls in sick on a Sunday evening, you can get your cover organised that night rather than waiting until the Monday morning.


We appreciate how important it is for any school to find the right person for their vacancy – whether that be for a day covering sickness or for a maternity cover. For this reason, we are always honest with a school regarding our ability to help with a vacancy and will keep you informed throughout the process.

Quality Staff

One of the complaints we get from schools when discussing other agencies is regarding poor quality supply staff. We understand that it can be very frustrating to pay for a supply teacher who does not meet your expectations including marking the work. Acknowledging this, we ensure that all our supply staff has the relevant qualifications and recent experience which is continuously referenced. Plus each supply staff has to undertake a face to face interview as part of the vetting process. Our interview process empowers us to attract great teachers. We offer competitive pay rates, training courses and the ability to interview in their local area.

Recommend a School

All staff working in a primary school are extremely busy people; therefore we do our best to minimise our impact on your time. We will not intensively market the agency to your school including not calling you before 9 am asking if you need a teacher that day! We do not need to bombard schools with phone calls and emails to let people know about our agency as other schools do that for us. We do not rely on marketing to grow our business as the majority of the schools we work with have been recommended by another school.